Meet my kids.


After 11 years of off and on doodling around a character, I finally put a product out staring my dreamt up hero, Marvin Stench… or as some know him… Booger Boy.

I wrote the story, illustrated the pictures, and then figured I should try to self publish also since I figured out how to do all the other steps without any previous experience. So far, so good! Marvin Stench is available in the shop and also on You can find physical copies around Detroit & also in Chicago. I’ll be publishing more kids books in the future. Rumor has it that the next one might be about a rare hippo who plays a mystical flute, that puts people to sleep when they are anxious and need rest… he’s a weird one, and his name is “The Napapotamus.”

My stories will always combine humor and thought provoking messages about self love that kids and adults can both digest enjoyably.


In 2014 I had a personal experience with a homeless man that motivated me to solve a problem for a group of individuals that are often forgotten. I saw a guy every day in the same spot but always avoided eye contact until one day I changed my routine. Carl was hungry, but had no food, and when I shared my food with him he asked me where I was going later in the day. It was haircut day. I invited him to join me at the barbershop and I’d pay for his hair cut, but he declined because he felt they would not allow him inside. This shook me enough to do something about it. I knew right when this happened what the event would be. I merged the ideas of of family style meals with free hair cuts in a once a year community celebration that gives away free clothes & wellness information for the homeless. This is now a non-profit organization working out of Chicago, IL.


In 2015 I developed and launched an award winning mobile application for iPhone and Android called MyLapse. The concept combined photography and time lapses in a way that gave the user a way to see how time effected them as an individual. The collection of singular images captured through a daily reminder system resulted in a looping gif/video we called a MyLapse.

Some practical applications included tracking of healthy lifestyle and diet changes, seeing the growth of a child, beard growth, dental progression, as well as collages with friends and family during events & celebrations.


In 2014 I decided to make a podcast with my childhood best friend as a way to catch up on lost time. We had not spoken much in many years but our weekly digital hangouts became one of our favorite things to do. It re-ignited our friendship. The content was wide ranging from personal experiences we’ve had in our time apart, to introspective discussion about life in general.

Sometimes we covered sports & pop culture, and we always came to the podcast with a topic we were irked by as a means to vent, always over a few cold ones and many, many laughs.

NewsThatsNice copy 2.png

This one was short lived, but I made a news site that only featured good news.

Unfortunately, it became a challenge to provide daily content.

Maybe later when the world cleans up a bit I’ll reopen this project. As of April 2019, good news is still too hard to find.