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Art Process

The Vlog will serve as a video podcast of sorts where I will assess and speak to relevant topics happening in pop culture. This will include periodic interviews with friends and folks I find interesting.

Here you will find some of my music with an accompanying video to represent the sounds. The goal here is to provide some visuals to the soundscape and to combine my visual art with my audio art. Often times the visual art leads to a song, and a song leads to some of my visual arts, so this combines those two elements.

I’ve had quite a few movie ideas that have yet to take full fruition. I have a few movies fully scripted but they are still sitting in the archive for a rainy day. There were a few trailers and teasers made, as well as a few concept shorts representing the vision for the future project.

From mobile apps to charity events, this section will recap some of my projects that have gone live and how they function in the real world.

This section is meant to highlight some of the art that I deeply admire and that I openly acknowledge creeps into my own art and ambitions. The imitation game is the finest form of flattery and I am often so inspired by the work of others that I challenge myself to put my own spin on a topic or viewpoint that someone else brought to my attention with their art.

Here you will see some of my works in progress and how I approach creating.