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We all get by with a little help from our friends.

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The way this works is simple. Once you are approved to be a Brand Ambassador, you get a promo code specific to you that you will use to market to your inner circles, and when purchases are made, your code is credited with a sale, one of which I will send a monthly commission to you for. I will provide you with digitized marketing materials to a folder only you have access to that you can repost content as often as you’d like in your stories and videos all across social media. What theoretically would stop you from printing out some documents with your code and putting it on a bulletin board in an area with high traffic? Nothing, that’s actually a good idea and a way to drive some sales. :) I will not micro-manage the HOW, I will just provide the resources to you so you have good content and of course pay you once we get those sales in.

You make your own schedule, and you post as infrequent or frequently as you’d like. I am not a boss, and never wish to be seen that way. I’m an artist looking to build a community for collaboration while I spread my messages of anti-bullying + self-love through my kids literature and while I battle the many challenges of adulthood through my various other art forms. I create because I love to and I now feel I have the content spread that is wide ranging enough to really get my stuff out there to the masses. That’s where you come in! I need your help and think collaboration is the best way to get the job done here. If done right, everyone can benefit from this structure, and that is my goal.


Who runs this?

My name is Nate Rzeppa, and most call me “Zepp”. My story is not as important as the stories I wish to share through art. More on me can be found on LinkedIn here.

When do we get paid?

Between the 1st and 5th of the month you will see a deposit made to your PayPal account.

Are there rules on what we can say in our social media posts?

Not really, as long as the message is honest and positive in nature. Represent my brands the way you’d represent yourself in public. Please treat them and potential buyers with respect and kindness.

Can we combine advertising for Love & Nate with advertising for Books By Zepp if we are a brand ambassador for both brands?

I would strongly advise against this. The audience for kids literature is much different than the audience for mature art. Combining the two can create a confusing message which is why the two entities exist in the first place. Please use your discretion with this but combining themes into one post that are damaging to my brands will result in a flagged account.

When a sale happens with my promo code, will I be notified via e-mail?

That is the working plan. I’m working on automating this per sale, but for now you will simply receive a summary at months end when payment is sent via PayPal.

I have more questions, what’s the best way to get a quick response?

Telegram works the best for instant messaging. @LadyZepp has you covered. I’ll be honest with you though… she is actually part robot. I’m working on making her full robot in 2019 as the question database grows. For now, Lady Zepp is part robot and part Nate answering questions as they come in. We will have a group telegram page so we can share tips and tricks once we move forward. :)

If telegram just isn’t your flavor, you can use @booksbyzepp or @loveandnate on Instagram or for the exchanging of messages.

@LadyZepp on Telegram

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I’m just a robot girl, living in a human world.